BREAKING: Sam Brownback endorses Ron Estes

I got some news today that shouldn't surprise anyone: That's right: Ron Estes has Sam Brownback's endorsement. Because of course he does. And we knew it all along: Ron Estes is nothing but a Brownback yes-man.Gov. Brownback cut our schools, raised taxes on the working class, and tanked Kansas' economy. He is devastating rural Kansas, and specifically rural hospitals, with his veto of KanCare expansion. Meanwhile, Estes never once stood up to Brownback. Now, of course, Estes has Brownback's endorsement.Kansans are done with failed Gov. Sam Brownback, and they're done with Brownbackers like Ron Estes. Let's send this message to Brownback. (If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.) Express Donate: $5 Express Donate: $10 Express Donate: $25 Express Donate: $50 Express Donate: $100 Or, donate another amount We can win this thing. The early numbers are looking promising. We just need to close out strong. Kansas just can't afford another Brownbacker.Let's get it done.  Chris PumpellyCommunications DirectorJames Thompson for

From the Wichita Eagle: Thompson praises Mayflower Clinic, pans Brownback Medicaid veto vote

Thompson praises Mayflower Clinic, pans Brownback Medicaid veto vote BY DION LEFLER James Thompson, the Fourth District Democratic congressional candidate, visited a charity clinic run by volunteer physicians and nurses on Monday and criticized the state Legislature for upholding Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill to expand Medicaid. “This clinic serves about 1,000 people a year, all pro bono,” Thompson said after touring the Mayflower Clinic in downtown Wichita. “If we had 150 of these around here, we maybe could make up for the health care we just lost by not expanding Medicaid.” The state Legislature voted last month to expand Medicaid for potentially tens of thousands of uninsured Kansans but fell short Monday of the two-thirds majority needed to override Brownback’s veto of the bill.   Read the rest of the story here.

From KAKE: KS Lawmakers React To Health Care Pull

The Republicans' partisan repeal plan would have thrown 41,000 Fourth District Kansans off of their health care. That is unacceptable. These political games need to end. The ACA is not perfect, but we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need to sit down and find a plan that expands coverage, lowers costs, and brings us together around a plan that works.

Brownbacker Ron Estes dodging two more debates

Ron Estes skipping two more debates WICHITA, Kan. – This makes five. We've now received word Sam Brownback's handpicked choice for Congress, Ron Estes, will be skipping two more public debates. The first is a community-based event at Saint Mark Voter Empowerment Forum on Sunday. The second, hosted by the Wichita Chamber-backed Young Professionals of Wichita, is a “meet the candidates” mingle on Tuesday at Central Standard Brewing.  Continue reading

From the Wichita Eagle: Ron Estes Skipping Another Debate

Candidates debate to go on sans GOP’s Ron Estes BY DION A debate for congressional candidates will go on Thursday evening at Friends University without Republican candidate Ron Estes. The debate will feature the other two candidates, Democrat James Thompson and Libertarian Chris Rockhold. The three candidates are vying for the 4th District congressional seat vacated by former Rep. Mike Pompeo, who resigned to become director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Trump administration. The special election to fill the seat will be April 11. Campaign spokesman Rodger Woods said Estes, the state treasurer, will have to be in Topeka on Thursday and Friday for meetings of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System board and won’t be at the debate. Thompson, a civil rights attorney, confirmed last week he’ll be attending the event. “I don’t duck debates,” he said.   Continue reading

Honoring the Women in my Life

March is Women's History Month and this week The Wichita Eagle reported that the lack of good jobs for professional women is crippling the Wichita economy. Women with the same job, same education and same work experience are being paid less than their male counterparts. I've included the whole story here, and I'd encourage you to read it. Continue reading

From the Wichita Eagle: Kansas Supreme Court rules school funding inadequate

BY SUZANNE PEREZ TOBIAS AND DION LEFLER The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that school funding is inadequate and unconstitutional, shortchanging at least a fourth of the state’s public school students. It gave lawmakers until June 30 to craft a new school finance formula that meets constitutional funding requirements. Continue reading

Thompson statement on Kansas Supreme Court's Gannon decision

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 2, 2017 James Thompson statement on Gannon public schools decision WICHITA, Kan. – James Thompson, U.S. Army veteran, civil rights attorney and Democratic nominee for the April 11 Congressional Special Election, released the following statement regarding today’s Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling on Kansas public education funding: Continue reading

From AP: Thompson says special election is a referendum on policies

Thompson says special election is a referendum on policies By ROXANA HEGEMAN Associated Press WICHITA - The nation's first congressional election to fill the seat left vacant by CIA Director Mike Pompeo in Kansas will be both a referendum on the policies of the state's Republican governor and those of President Donald Trump, Democratic candidate James Thompson said Monday. His comments came during his first news conference of a congressional race that is playing out amid a backlash against the ultra-conservative agenda championed by Gov. Sam Brownback.   Continue reading

From KFDI-FM: Democrat candidate holds first press conference

Democrat candidate holds first press conference James Thompson is running for 4th district seat Wil Day, KFDI-FM WICHITA, Kan. - The Democrat running to fill the 4th Congressional District seat vacated by Mike Pompeo has held his first press conference today. Civil rights attorney James Thompson spoke to reporters Monday morning at his campaign office in east Wichita.  Thompson began by thanking the reporters and saying they are an important part of democracy.  The statement was in reference to White House spokesman Sean Spicer's recent barring of several news outlets from a White House briefing.     Continue reading