BREAKING: Sam Brownback endorses Ron Estes

I got some news today that shouldn't surprise anyone. Governor Sam Brownback has endorsed Ron Estes for Congress.



That's right: Ron Estes has Sam Brownback's endorsement. Because of course he does. 

And we knew it all along: Ron Estes is nothing but a Brownback yes-man.


Gov. Brownback cut our schools, raised taxes on the working class, and tanked Kansas' economy. He is devastating rural Kansas, and specifically rural hospitals, with his veto of KanCare expansion. Meanwhile, Estes never once stood up to Brownback. Now, of course, Estes has Brownback's endorsement.

Kansans are done with failed Gov. Sam Brownback, and they're done with Brownbackers like Ron Estes. Let's send this message to Brownback.

We can win this thing. The early numbers are looking promising. We just need to close out strong. Kansas just can't afford another Brownbacker.

Let's get it done. 

Chris Pumpelly
Communications Director
James Thompson for Kansas