More Dirty Tricks from Estes!


Today we learned Ron Estes is employing a deeply deceptive DC smear firm to run his dirty tricks campaign. Calls are going out across the district from a third party only known as "SSI Polling" with inflammatory and false statements about James.


We've seen this nonsense before. Instead of answering James' debate requests, Estes is, once again, more interested in slander. Can you chip in to help?

The people of Kansas are tired of the Brownbacker Estes' policies that reward corporations and hurt families. It's time to focus on the people of our district -- from the farmers hurt by tariffs, to the families in need of affordable healthcare

James has been serving the community, first in the U.S. Army and then as a civil rights attorney, all of his adult life. He's sworn to protect and uphold the constitution twice already and is ready to do so again.

We need your help to fight these dark money attacks. Stand with James today!