Save Net Neutrality!


On December 14th, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission, despite millions of calls not to, voted to end Net Neutrality. But there is a way to defeat the FCC at its own game -- there is a way to preserve Net Neutrality as it was, no new legislation required.

Internet Service Providers want us to take the fight to a Congress -- they want us to try undoing the FCC’s vote via legislation. Why? A few reasons:

First, Congress is already bought and paid for. Our own Rep. Ron Estes took over $13,000 from ISP lobbyists. Thus, these companies are confident they can control the vote of any Trump-lead Congress.

Second, as is the case with most legislation, proposals get watered down. ISPs want us to beg for Net Neutrality legislation because, again, they know passing any kind of good bill would be impossible in such a polarized Congress.

The path to restore Net Neutrality will require unwavering leadership, but a legislation isn’t the answer. We have law, already in place, that protects Net Neutrality as is -- Title II of the Communications Act. Title II, which enjoys bi-partsian support, has already been upheld by the courts and protects Net Neutrality as it was.

Please sign your name to tell the FCC you want Title II upheld.

Will you sign?

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