From KFDI-FM: Democrat candidate holds first press conference


Democrat candidate holds first press conference

James Thompson is running for 4th district seat


Thompson says one of his important platforms is stopping human trafficking, which has become an ever-growing problem nationwide, including Kansas.  Thompson was asked why he would focus on that issue, when there are other issues out there, Thompson says that it goes back to his stated goal of fighting for Kansas families.

Thompson was asked what sets him apart from his chief challenger, Republican State Treasurer Ron Estes.  

"Well, I'm not a clone of Sam Brownback." says Thompson.  "I am not going to sit back and just be a yes man."  

Thompson says of Estes, "He's not going to be able to stand up to a president who is wanting to implement policies and infringe on our civil liberties and our civil rights."

When asked about his lack of experience as a politician, Thompson said, "No, I haven't ran for office.  I'm running for office because I am tired of the politicians that we do have, that do have all this experience, that aren't doing a darn thing for the people of Kansas."

Thompson is an Army veteran who attended college under the G.I. Bill.  He attended Wichita State and received his law degree from Washburn.

Thompson says he learned in the army how to work with others to achieve goals.  When asked how he would work with the rest of the delegates from Kansas, Thompson said he is willing to work with anyone on both sides of the isle as long as they are working on "real issues for Kansas and real solutions."

Thompson will face Republican Ron Estes and Libertarian Chris Rockhold.