Meet James Thompson


James is a civil rights attorney in Wichita. He is running for Congress because he knows the opportunities afforded to him helped change his life, and those opportunities need to be available to future generations. He is running for Congress to fight for America.

Raised in a difficult environment, James Thompson is no stranger to adversity. It was only through determination, and the education he received -- first, from public schooling, then the United States Army -- he was able to pull himself out of his cycle of poverty and homelessness.

James served in the Army as an infantryman in the Presidential Honor Guard. Following an honorable discharge, James moved to Kansas to be close to family and used his GI Bill to attend Wichita State University and Washburn University Law School.

Since graduating from law school, James and his wife, Lisa, have lived in Wichita where he practices law and the couple raises their two daughters, Liberty and Adriana.

James is running for Congress because he believes our elected officials should ensure people up and down the economic ladder have the ability to build a better, brighter future for themselves and their children. Once in Congress, James will fight for a living wage, better schools and quality education without the burden of crushing debt, affordable health care, and a criminal justice system that treats everyone equally. Regardless of race, nation of origin, gender, religion, socioeconomic background or intellectual ability, James will fight for a better Kansas for all Kansans.