RELEASE: Kansas Veteran James Thompson airs latest spot, "Running for You"

Kansas Veteran James Thompson airs latest spot, "Running for You"

Thompson rejects dirty, D.C.-style attack ads in favor of focusing on issues

WICHITA, Kan. – James Thompson, Kansas Veteran running for Congress in the Fourth District of Kansas, released a new :30 ad, titled "Running for You."


The ad is running on broadcast and cable outlets in the District.

"Kansas voters have a choice to make for Congress here in the Fourth District," said Stephanie Yeager, spokeswoman for the campaign. "James Thompson stands in clear contrast to his career politician opponent, who has continually slung mud and run false attack ads. Meanwhile, James has been proud to focus on issues like protecting our veterans, our Constitutional rights, for our seniors and their benefits, and standing up for Kansas working families."

Thompson outraised his opponent in the last reporting period, a stunning feat considering Thompson accepts no corporate PAC money.

"Kansas voters are ready for a Congressman who shows up and gets the job done," Yeager said. "The only thing Estes shows up for is campaign donations from his lobbyist buddies."




I'm James Thompson. I'm a Kansas veteran.

James Thompson enlisted, served, and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army Infantry. He has spent his law career serving veterans, including creating the Veterans Legal Association of Washburn Law and setting up the Stand Down event in Wichita, serving homeless vets.

I could have run a Washington-style attack ad against Ron Estes, and stoop down to his level.

But I didn't. It's not who I am and that's not what I want my campaign to be about.

Ever since the special election, Ron Estes has funded hundreds of thousands of disgusting smear ads against James Thompson, lying about his record on women’s rights.

Most recently, Estes knowingly lied about debunked police records to make violence against women a campaign issue:

I want to run on the issues. I want

to tell you how good I am instead of how bad he is.


When I agreed to represent my country, I signed my name on a dotted line.

Ron Estes has only ever put his name on a ballot.

I’m running for you.

James Thompson has never run for office before his special election for Congress.

Ron Estes has been a career politician since 2003.




James Thompson is a progressive Democrat, U.S. Army veteran, and civil rights attorney from Wichita who is running for the Kansas 4th Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Ron Estes. Mr. Thompson's platform focuses on fighting for Kansas families, education, employment and jobs training, America's veterans and security in the global marketplace.

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